FoodALYT RD 40 Extraction Unit acc. to Randall

The Extraction Unit FoodALYT RD 40 is used for fat extraction acc. to Randall in food and feed. This method dissolves certain substances within the sample via the following steps: immersion in boiling solvent, rinsing and drying by lifting the reaction vessel from the heated sample position. The FoodALYT RD 40 consists of 4 individually adjustable heating positions for 100 ml extraction thimbles. The hot extraction system according to Randall is up to five times faster than the conventional Soxhlet extraction.
With FoodALYT we provide experienced and praticable systems - made in Germany - with a balanced cost-benefit ratio. All products are CE conform and certified.
  • Cost savings through rapid extractions.
  • Screwable sample postions for optimum safety.
  • Individual handling of each extraction thimble with sample.
  • The operator can lift or lower the complete extraction system with one lever.

Items supplied:
Delivery of the FoodALYT RD 40 incl. 25 extraction thimbles of 100 ml and glassware.

Field of application:
FoodALYT RD 40: for large numbers of samples.
Technical Data:
Mains supply:230 V, 50 Hz
Power:max. 1500 W
Weight (incl. glassware):approx. 35 kg
Dimensions (W x D x H):approx. 54 x 61 x 66 cm
FoodALYT RD 40 Extraction Unit acc. to Randall
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